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Recent news for Primary

VotesforSchools - Primary Resources (18/01/2017)

VotesforSchools have launched a new platform offering a fun and engaging solution to Citizenship and British Values at KS 2. Each week pupils debate, then vote on a topical issue. The results are then published- hugely raising the profile of pupil voice. Ready to go resources are available for teachers each week, and the school's results provide instant evidence to Ofsted of quality and consistent delivery. For a free 4 week trial please contact quoting citized.

Talking about values in the classroom (02/11/2015)

The Citizenship Foundation have published a new resource entitled "Talking about values in the classroom". To access the resource visit 

Association for Citizenship Teaching Annual Conference (25/05/2014)

ACT's annual conference is being held on Tuesday 1st July 2014 in London. 

Review of Human Rights Education in Scotland (13/05/2013)

BEMIS has produced a review of Human Rights Education in Scotland. To read the report in full, click here.

ACT Response to the Draft National Curriculum (29/04/2013)

Along with other organisations, including Democratic Life and the Citizenship Foundation, the Association for Citizenship Teaching has responded to the draft National Curriculum. To read more click here.

New Amnesty Teacher CPD Programme (17/09/2012)

Are you a teacher with a passion for human rights, equality and justice? Are you looking for a way to grow professionally, strengthening skills in teaching, training and project management? Join our new Amnesty TeacherCPD programme! As an Amnesty Teacher you will strengthen your own practice and become an advocate for human rights education and activism in your school and beyond (for more information visit

Review of the National Curriculum (31/03/2011)

The Government have launched a review of the National Curriculum in England. An expert review panel has been established to hear evidence. Find out more.

Updated publications from NFER (17/11/2009)

We are pleased to update you about three recent publications on citizenship education from NFER researchers.  Embedding citizenship education (CE) in secondary schools in England (2002-08) Avril Keating, David Kerr, Joana Lopes, Gill Featherstone and Thomas Benton. For further details click here

The Hurricane of the Three New Character Classics: Bottom-up Development of Moral Education in China (24/09/2009)

For an insight into Moral Education in China click the link below to see the presentation made by Professor Wing On Lee & Dr. Chi Hang Ho at the 5th International citizEd conference.

Latest News from the Citizenship Foundation (02/07/2009)

For the latest news from the Citizenship Foundation click this link:

New Books from CCHRE (11/06/2009)

The Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights Education would like to draw your attention to two forthcoming books in which CCHRE staff have been involved. We would like to encourage you to place advance orders now, add the books to your 2009/10 reading lists, and pass on these details to University libraries, before the 2008/09 academic year book budgets are spent.   Audrey Osler, 2009 Students' Perspectives on Schooling Open University Press: Maidenhead ISBN Softback: 978 0335 223602 Hardback: 978 0335 223596 Further details can be found in McGraw-Hill Education catalogue p.11.       Georg Weisseno & Valentin Eck (Eds.), 2009. Teaching European Citizens. A quasi-experimental study in six countries, Waxmann: Muenster/New York/Munich/Berlin.  ca. 128 pages, 24.90 Euros, ISBN 978-3-8309-2178-3 The advance order price is 11.00 Euros making it something of a bargain! It will be published in September 2009

News from the Citizenship Foundation (18/05/2009)

For the May newsletter click this link

ACT Conference open to all citizenship teachers (16/03/2009)

The ACT conference is for everyone in Citizenship education, especially CITIZENSHIP TEACHERS! On Tuesday 9th June 2009. You will learn to use innovative ICT in the classroom (yes it's even possible in your school) and hear from inspirational speakers about excellent work being done in Citizenship. Click here for further information


Citizenship Foundation News (05/03/2009)

The monthly  March newsletter of the Citizenship Foundation can be found by clicking this link:

London Primary Schools Get Involved in the Make a Difference Challenge! (05/01/2009)

The Citizenship Foundation are offering £250 to schools to help fund their project and FREE teacher training at the South Camden City Learning Centre on Monday 19 January. See:

Sharing information in the Primary ITE community (19/06/2008)

If you have relevant information you would like to share about Citizenship Education in the primary sector, please contact the Administrator of citizED Roma Woodward by email:

Teaching the global dimension: Key principles and Effective Practice (24/09/2007)

A textbook written by David Hicks and Cathie Holden that successfully combines demanding conceptual theory with enlightened practice is a rare find. Cathie Holden and David Hicks achieve this in their new publication. The book addresses the challenge of embedding a global dimension into learning in both primary and secondary schools. For full review see:


Citizenship – Culture and Community in the Primary School (19/07/2007)

8 New Lesson Plans which aim to • Provide students with a framework and context within which to explore the values and philosophies that underpin education for Citizenship, Personal and Social development.   • Support students' developing knowledge, understanding and confidence when addressing issues in relation to Citizenship, Personal and Social education, and to recognise the impact on these on the individual, the school and the community.  • Enable students to interpret and use the statutory and non-statutory guidance, which inform learning and teaching in the area of Citizenship, Personal and Social development.  • Assist students in designing, implementing and evaluating a piece of school-based action to develop pupil's knowledge and understanding of Citizenship, and Personal and Social development.  To download the plans click this link: http…

Hilary Claire (12/07/2007)

It is with great sadness that we have to report the death of Hilary Claire who so successfully ran the Primary section of citized .

New Scheme of Work by Claire Harrison (07/03/2007)

Claire Harrison, a 3rd year student on the primary QTS Manchester Met course, has adapted QCA geography scheme unit 10 ( a long unit about a less economically developed country) for YRs 4/5/6. Claire's scheme, which focuses on Nomadic people in The Mongolian Gobi Desert, includes concepts within a global dimension, such as Diversity, Human Rights, Values and Perceptions and Sustainability. In addition to the medium term planning sheets, the unit has a photo pack and media sources which are beautifully presented as a ppt presentation, complete with teachers' notes. This is a superb resource and we are proud to offer it widely.

Tackling prejudice, working for equality, justice and generosity (02/03/2007)

'JCORE has produced a set of postcards designed to raise awareness about issues such as equality, justice, prejdice and generosity....' 
Reviewed by Hilary Claire

Exploring Our Roots (12/02/2007)

Exploring our Roots: stories of immigration to Britain is a new resource for teaching about identities and diversity, exploring 'roots' and combating racism. It is reviewed on the 'Resource Reviews' page. The resource contains a weath of activities based on oral interviews to help children explore important ideas in citizenship education.

Mapping Citizenship into the humanties curriculum (05/02/2007)

Don't miss the account of how a primary school has mapped citizenship on to their humanities curriculum...A commissioned article by Karen Thomson, AST in Citizenship at Cockington School in Devon, meets important objectives of citizenship education. It is also an maginative and practical response to the messages of 'Excellence and Enjoyment' and ECM. We know it will be an extremely valuable model for primary colleagues looking to integrate citizenship with their existing humanities curriculum across the whole school. We hope that many of you will be inspired to consider similar approaches to fit your own situation.

See this item under Commissioned Research


Tackling prejudice, working for equality, justice and generosity (03/02/2007)

'JCORE has produced a set of postcards designed to raise awareness about issues such as equality, justice, prejdice and generosity....'   Reviewed by Hilary Claire

'The Challenge of Teaching Controversial Issues' (02/02/2007)

Coming soon: from the Trentham stable, edited by two authors who themselves work across primary and secondary- Hilary Claire and Cathie Holden. 'The Challenge of Teaching Controversial Issues' is cross curricular, cross phase and international in its scope. It fills a gap in practice, theory and pedagogy and will be welcomed by everyone involved in addressing the challenge of teaching sensitive and controversial issues.

Refugees Across the World (23/01/2007)

See Secondary Strand for this item

New Commissioned Article by Cathie Holden (09/01/2007)

Cathie Holden describes a study comparing two cohorts of 11 year olds a decade apart, looking at which of their concerns about local and global issues have stayed constant over time, which have changed and why.She looks at the influence of the media, school and community and at how children's involvement in action for change has developed over the decade.  There are implications for both primary and secondary school teachers and for NGOs working in education.

History and Citizenship - a new papaer (11/12/2006)

A new article by Hilary Claire in the Commissioned Research section of the primary strand describes a workshop for students, NQTS and practising teachers, based on commemorating the abolition of slavery in 1807, and including Emancipation later that same century.All the relevant material for the workshop is included, along with an analysis of 3 different groups' responses to the activity. The approach is easily adaptable for primary and older school students. A computer programme which helps with the decision making is also described. 

Paper on Gender and Citizenship Education (15/11/2006)

A new research paper on Gender and Citizenship Education has been published. See Primary > Commissioned Research section for details.

New research paper on Gender and Citizenship Education (03/11/2006)

A new paper by Hilary Claire and Cathie Holden looks at why citizenship education should include perspectives on gender. It draws on recent research and provides readers with strategies for investigating gender and citizenship in both the primary and secondary classrooms.

Conference - Learning to be citizens – role of the primary school (14/09/2006)

A conference 'Learning to be citizens – role of the primary school' will be held on 7th Nov 2006 in Manchester. The aims are: to look at what is meant by citizenship in the context of primary school; to examine the contexts where citizenship is learnt both in the classroom and across the whole school; to look at how primary teachers can encourage children to be more morally aware and responsible; to examine ways of improving discussion and debate and thinking about citizenship issues. These sessions will draw on a range of primary citizenship resources, including the use of video training material for shared critical analysis. It will encourage reflection on current practice and the sharing of experiences between course members. Pls see the Conferences page for more information and conference flyer.

New commissioned research article (11/09/2006)

A new article on the primary site by Peter Vass, is a fascinating description of his work with primary ITE students at Oxford Brookes University. The students worked with one of the KS2 history units - the Victorians - to explore citizenship concepts in the past and in the present. Using 'imaginary biographies' Peter's students discovered how to work with primary visual sources about Victorian attitudes to poverty, and then applied the ideas to homelessness in contemporary Britain.

Learning about Human Rights (19/07/2006)

We are delighted to place on the Primary Strand website, a new Framework for teaching the youngest children in our schools about Human Rights. The framework consists of a rationale, contextualising this work in the broader arena of initiatives in education, and a main section which provides many ideas and activities under a variety of headings. These are 'starred' giving an idea of their difficulty. The Framework has been produced collaboratively by Peter Barton (UNICEF), Margot Brown, (Centre for Global Education, York), Hilary Claire, Don Harrison and Isobel Mitchell (Amnesty UK).This can be found at:

2 new Student schemes of work (07/07/2006)

These excellent SoW's are from Emma Jones (who was a PGCE student at IOE last year) and Matt Hughes, who has just completed his PGCE year with Cathie at Exeter. See our Primary Student SOW's page for more detail.

Primary citizenship at the Nuffield Foundation (21/06/2006)

Jenny Wales (Director, Education for Citizenship) of the Nuffield Foundation is organizing a meeting to explore the support that the Foundation might offer to primary schools to help embed Citizenship in the curriculum. It will take place on Wednesday 11th October at the Nuffield Foundation, 28 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3JS. It will start at 1pm with a sandwich lunch and finish by 4pm. The Foundation will pay supply cover and travel expenses. Jenny would be grateful if you could confirm you attendance before the summer break. If you know any teachers who might be interested in joining us, please let Jenny ( ) know. If you'd like to see the work the Foundation does for Citizenship, have a look at their website -

Research article - Democracy in action (19/06/2006)

This report, by Hilary Claire, describes a project which puts the spirit of democracy into practice, in a multi-cultural/multi-ethnic inner London school, in a disadvantaged community. It is underpinned by the ideas of a ‘Rights Respecting School’ which explicitly refer to the citizenship concepts of rights, respect and responsibility. The paper can be found in Research section of the Primary strand.

New Primary Student Reflection published (07/06/2006)

In her essay on ‘The Role of Enquiry in Humanities Teaching’ in primary schools, Angharad Forbes, a PGCE Primary student at Exeter, explores the links between Citizenship and History, particularly how history develops some of the critical concepts and personal skills of citizenship. See Primary > Student Reflections or click this link

Primary Citizenship recommendation (05/06/2006)

The Primary strand recommends an excellent handbook about using Persona Dolls with young children in anti-discrimination work. The handbook was produced earlier this year by WEDG and is available as a pdf. Go to

New Primary SOW (05/06/2006)

Angharad Forbes, a PGCE primary humanities student at Exeter University, has devised a geography scheme of work for Year 3, incorporating citizenship in the 5th session. She writes 'There is a clear citizenship link, 'Living in a diverse world' as recommended by the QCA. Through the unit, questions including, 'What are communities like?' 'What are different places like?' and 'How are we all connected?' can be explored. The unit emphasises that enquiry enhances skills that are used in life, for example thinking skills and communication skills. See /?strand=1&r_menu=sow.

Two new research articles published (31/05/2006)

Two research articles have been published. The first, Citizenship Education and Geography Teaching case study: local government by David Wright, a retired teacher, teacher-trainer and inspector, offers a personal perspective on the links between Geography and Citizenship. He also discusses the potential mileage in exploring both representation at the ‘parish’ level and the various geographical ‘layers’ of government, using a ‘Russian Doll’ metaphor. The second article, School linking and global citizenship by Jilly Hillier explores some of the benefits and challenges of school linking partnerships using the experience of primary schools involved in linking and explore how they can enrich citizenship within the primary school.

Student review of a new publication about Fairtrade (06/03/2006)

Matt Hughes, a PGCE (Humanities) primary student at Exeter has written a very informative review of a new publication about Fairtrade and how school pupils can become involved in this important global issue. Student Reviews. We welcome reviews from students, and can offer a small remuneration if we accept your contribution for publication. Please contact if you have something to offer.

Call for Resources (22/02/2006)

The primary strand wishes to publish exemplary student and teacher schemes of work, and articles from teachers and tutors. If you think you have something to share, do get in touch with Hilary Claire ( with your proposal. It will be circulated in the PENAC steering committee and you will be informed very quickly whether we would like you to go ahead and what we can pay you.'

CONFERENCE – Primary – Raising the Quality (20/02/2006)

The next primary conference, with the above title, will take place in London on May 18th. Please put this date in your diary and publicise as widely as you can. We are funded as before by the TDA; reasonable transport costs will be paid, and the conference itself is free! Our conference aims to address human rights, inclusivity and controversial issues with pupils from the Early Years through to Transition into KS3. Watch this space for more details. The flyer and the booking form are on the Conferences page. Do register now to make sure that you can come. Places are limited.

New student reflection published (15/02/2006)

The Primary strand is pleased to be able to put a new contribution from John Ryan on the Students' Reflections page of the Primary Strand. John's discussion of his work to develop citizenship education in a small primary school will interest practitioners and co ordinators who have similar starting points.

Persona Dolls in Citizenship Education (01/12/2005)

The Primary Strand has put the text and pictures of a recent talk given by Hilary Claire about Persona Dolls Training and Citizenship Education. She gave the keynote speech at the conference in London - 'Making a Difference with Persona Dolls' - where a new video highlighting work with primary school children was launched. Information about the Persona Dolls and how to work with them on human rights, inclusion, diversity and discrimination is on their website -

2 new student reviews of resources (01/12/2005)

The primary strand is very pleased to publish two more contributions to the section devoted to students' reviews of resources. Laura Gardiner and Tony Badcott, both PGCE primary students on the Exeter course, have reviewed chapter 6 (Geography and Global Citizenship) and Chapter 7 - history and citizenship in an edited book entitled 'Teaching Citizenship in Primary Schools'. To acknowledge the students' work and to encourage others to send in reviews, we are offering 20 pounds for each review which is accepted for publication on the website. Please do bring this to your students' attention and ask them either to channel their reviews through their tutors, or send them direct to

New Primary Student SOW (30/11/2005)

We are very pleased to add Charmain Kelso's adaptation of the QCA Unit 16: 'What's in the News' to our new site for students' schemes. Charmain is currently on the primary B.Ed Honours with QTS course at MMU. Her suggested additions bring a strong Citizenship focus to this geography scheme, and are marked up in red.

Seminar Reports published (21/11/2005)

The Primary Strand ran two Early Years seminars in Bristol and London, on 10th and 11th November, 2005, respectively. The reports of these very successful events are available on the Primary strand conferences page of the citizED website.

New Primary section - Students' Reviews of Resources (10/11/2005)

The Primary Strand is delighted to inaugurate a new section on the website, Student Reviews containing students' reviews of resources which they have found useful. Our first contribution comes from Hannah Arnold, a PGCE primary student at Exeter University, who has reviewed a new CDRom from CSV.

New Primary Student's scheme of work (31/10/2005)

We are delighted to publish an original and exciting scheme of work in the form of a powerpoint presentation, produced by Fran Doran, a B.Ed primary student at MMU. Fran has adapted the 'Tudor explorations' QCA unit 19 in history, to develop an imaginative cross curricular history/geography/citizenship project, about Australian aboriginals. The SoW can be found in the Students' SOW section of the Primary Strand pages.

Book review - Design and Technology (24/10/2005)

Another contribution to the Resource Reviews section of the Primary Strand - a really insightful, indepth review by a member of the PENAC steering group, Cathy Growney of 'Primary Design and Technology for the Future - Creativity, Culture and Citizenship' by Alan Howe, Dan Davies and Ron Ritchie. Cathy Growney shows convincingly how Citizenship and Primary Design and Technology build together.

New section in the Primary Strand (20/10/2005)

The Primary Strand is delighted to inaugurate a new section in the Primary Strand pages - Students' Schemes of Work. Catherine Wyatt's scheme on Globalisation and Water is the first of such schemes that we want to publish. Catherine is on the B.ED Hons Primary (QTS) course at MMU and was encouraged to submit the scheme by her tutor Veronica Voiels. The students' brief which produced this work was to take an existing QCA scheme within humanities, and adapt it to develop citizenship aspects. Catherine's adaptions are in red. Congratulations Catherine! The Primary Strand wants to hear from you if you have a students' scheme which you think is worth publication. Students earn 50 pounds for each scheme accepted. Get in touch with Hilary Claire (see Contacts page for email).


The Primary Strand of Citized very much regrets that due to illness, we need to postpone the Conference on ‘The Citizenship Challenge: Identity and Diversity in the North of England’ which was scheduled for December 2nd, 2005, at the Crewe site of Manchester Metropolitan University. As soon as we have a new date for the conference, which is likely to be in March 2006, we will post details on the website. Meanwhile, everyone who has expressed interest through Roma Woodward will be personally informed.
We hope that everyone who had hoped to come on December 2nd will be able to manage the new date. We also hope that the postponement will mean that many people who let us know that they couldn’t make the original date, will be able to attend after all. Hilary Claire (on behalf of the organisers).

New Resource Review (10/10/2005)

Hilary Claire has today added a new item to the Resource Reviews section of the Primary Strand of citizED's website. The review is of a programme on Teachers' TV about peer mediation.

Primary Strand Update (05/10/2005)

The Primary Strand leaders are pleased to announce an update of activities within the Primary Strand including TWO seminar/workshops, a National Conference, a Scheme of Work on Human Rights project, a new Students’ Schemes of Work section, and more. Full details can be found the 'About this Strand' page within the Primary section.

Early Years workshops in South West confirmed (26/09/2005)

The planned Early Years and Citizenship workshop in Bristol on 10th November 2005 is confirmed and details, booking form and flyer are available in the Conferences section of the Primary strand pages of the citizED website.

Advance news from the Primary Strand (28/08/2005)

In addition to the Workshop on November 11th at London Metropolitan University, on Early Years and Citizenship - see the programme and Booking Form - there are two more primary events coming up.
1. Another Early Years and Citizenship workshop on November 10th, to be held at University of the West of England, Bristol. Details of the programme and the registration form will be posted shortly on the website.
2. A National Conference, on December 2nd, at the Crewe site of Manchester Metropolitan University. This conference, entitled 'The Challenge of Citizenship: Identity and Diversity in the North of England' will repeat some of the features of the successful March conference in Exeter. Professor Chris Gaine will be giving the keynote - 'No minorities, no racism - the persisting myth' and there will be 6 workshops all around the theme of diversity an…

Review of Learning Citizenship by Hilary Claire (09/04/2005)

Learning Citizenship: practical teaching strategies for secondary schools, by Jenny Wales and Paul Clarke, 2005 has been reviewed by Hilary Claire. The review can be found in the 'Resource Reviews' section of the Primary Strand of citizED website.

Primary Citizenship conference details announced (20/01/2005)

The Citizenship Challenge: Identity and Diversity in the South West conference takes place on 04 Mar 2005 at Crossmeads Centre, Exeter. It is intended for those involved in training teachers KS1-3, tutors, teachers and NGO's. The aims of this conference are to allow participants to: * Explore issues of identity and cultural diversity in the South West * Develop a range of strategies for working with trainees and beginning teachers * Develop a sustainable network in the South West. More details, and booking form is available from the Conferences page.

Primary Design & Technology and Citizenship (14/01/2005)

Cathy Growney (UCE) has written on the strong links between Design and Technology and Citizenship. She says "I believe Design and Technology provides an obvious site for Citizenship Education. I use specific examples from Initial Teacher Education, Continuing Professional Development and from primary schools to make the case that, as many technology educationalists have shown, aspects of Citizenship can be embedded through “values” in Design and Technology education." The paper can be found in the Commissioned Research section of the Primary Strand.

Citizenship through Humanities Conference Report (10/01/2005)

A report on the second workshop organised by PENAC on 'Citizenship and Humanities, on December 14th 2004 in Leeds, can be found in the Conferences section of citizED. This was a thoroughly stimulating day devoted to developing Citizenship Education through History and Geography, facilitated by PENAC members Julia Tanner and Jacqui Dean, both from Leeds Metropolitan University.

New feature in Primary Strand - Reviews of resources (07/01/2005)

The Primary section of the CITIZED website has a new feature –reviews of resources to support Citizenship Education with the younger children. We are starting off with a review of a new publication from English Heritage – Citizenship – Using the evidence of the historic environment – a teacher’s guide, which is highly recommended by Hilary Claire. Do keep an eye on the site as more reviews will be coming soon. If you know of a good new publication which you would like to review for the website please contact Hilary on

New student reflection published (16/11/2004)

A new student reflection essay has been published. The essay by Emma Valerio has been highly recommended by Hilary Claire (London Met).

Seminar on Citizenship and the Humanities (25/10/2004)

A seminar on Citizenship and the Humanities at Leeds Metropolitan University, on December 14th, to be facilitated by Jacqui Dean and Julia Tanner. Julia will focus on Global Citizenship and Geography, and Jacqui on opportunities through History. Please contact Jacqui or Julia direct for more details and registration. ( or

General Meeting on Nov. 30th in London (11/10/2004)

The Primary Strand has a meeting for all its membership on November 30th, from 3.30 to 5.30 at the TTA offices in Victoria, London. The agenda is wide ranging, including where we are now, and where we are going. We will be talking about two forthcoming events (A seminar on Citizenship and the Humanities at Leeds Metropolitan University, on December 14th; A regional conference in Exeter, on the Challenge of Citizenship in the South West of England on March 4th), and getting your ideas for the future. Hilary Claire has sent out the agenda and details to everyone on her current email list, but if you are interested and haven't heard from her, get directly in touch. Please do come if you can, and let Hilary know - as she has to give names to the TTA in advance

Report of Citizenship through Humanities seminar (28/07/2004)

The report for the Humanities and Citizenship Seminar at London Met. University, facilitated by Gavin Baldwin and Hilary Claire has now been published. This report can be found from the Menu, see 'Conferences' item.

Second Citizenship through Humanities seminar (26/07/2004)

The date for the Humanities and Citizenship Seminar at Leeds Met. University, has now been fixed for December 14th. The seminar will be facilitated by Julia Tanner and Jacqui Dean. Please apply to or for more information and to register (or use the online Booking Form).

Citizenship through Humanities seminar (07/06/2004)

The first seminar, on the theme "working with primary students on Citizenship through Humanities" takes place on June 28th 2004 at London Metropolitan University. The seminar will be facilitated by Gavin Baldwin (Middlesex University) and Hilary Claire (London Metropolitan). A stimulating day is planned with the morning devoted to developing citizenship through local history and family history (led by Hilary) and the afternoon to museums, identity and citizenship, led by Gavin. The seminar is almost full, but there are still a few places so use the booking form on the Conferences/Seminars link to book your place).

Student contributions (01/06/2004)

Primary colleagues will be interested to learn that there are currently three contributions from primary students on the citizED website: Christopher Holloway: An evaluation of teaching PSHE and Citizenship Kate Fumey: Citizenship in Key Stage 2 Sara Earthey: Citizenship in primary schools.