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VotesforSchools - Secondary Resources (18/01/2017)

VotesforSchools have launched a new platform offering a fun and engaging solution to Citizenship and British Values at KS3 and 4. Each week students debate, then vote on a topical issue. The results are then published- hugely raising the profile of pupil voice. Ready to go resources are available for teachers each week for assembly, tutor time or citizenship lesson. The school's results provide instant evidence to Ofsted of quality and consistent delivery. For a free 4 week trial please contact quoting citized.

Talking about values in the classroom (02/11/2015)

The Citizenship Foundation have published a new resource entitled "Talking about values in the classroom". To access the resource visit 

Association for Citizenship Teaching Annual Conference (25/05/2014)

ACT's annual conference is being held on Tuesday 1st July 2014 in London. For more details and to register visit,2H1CL,16XTJO,900D4,1

New Demos Report (05/03/2014)

The think tank Demos has published a report that focuses on young peoples' engagement with civic issues. The report is titled Introducing Generation Citizen. For more details and to download the report, visit

HEIRNET International Conference (03/02/2014)

The History Educators International Research Network's 11th Intermational conference will be held at the University of Ljubjana, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 15-17 September 2014. The conference theme is History, Identity, Diversity and Social Cohesion. For more details, visit

Learning and Living Democracy (09/10/2013)

The Council of Europe ( has published a series of "Learning and Living Democracy" manuals which are designed to support teachers, and are available online. The series includes six manuals, adapted for the primary-, secondary- and high-school levels, which are divided into the following themes: Educating for Democracy, Growing Up In Democracy, Living in Democracy, Taking Part in Democracy, Exploring Children's Rights, and Teaching Democracy. You can view and download the manuals here.

Active Citizenship Education: The Role of Intercultural Understanding (12/08/2013)

The Hellenic Association of Intercultural Education (HAIE) and of the International Association of Intercultural Education (IAIE) is holding the forthcoming Second International Seminar of the IAIE in Athens in April 26th-30th 2014! The focus will be: "Active Citizenship Education: The role of Intercultural Education". More details can be found at and

New Paper on Child Poverty Published (18/07/2013)

A new paper providing children's voices on Child Poverty has been published by Breslin Public Policy. "A Series of Doors" is based on work originally carried out on behalf of the Office of the Children's Commissioner. The paper can be read at


The History Teacher Education Network will be holding their annual conference, 16th and 17th July, at the Institute of Education, London. For more details visit


Five Nations Network News (16/06/2013)

The first Five Nation Network Newsletter has been published by the Association for Citizenship Teaching. To view the newsletter, click here.

ACT Response to the Draft National Curriculum (29/04/2013)

Along with other organisations, including Democratic Life and the Citizenship Foundation, the Association for Citizenship Teaching has responded to the draft National Curriculum. To read more click here.

Citizenship Education to Remain a Statutory Subject for 11-16 Year Olds in England (01/03/2013)

Colleagues will be pleased to hear, after months of lobbying and uncertainty, that the Secretary of State for Education has announced that Citizenship Education will remain as a statutory subject within the National Curriculum for English States schools at Key Stages 3 (11-14) and 4 (14-16). Draft Programmes of Study have been produced and can be viewed by visiting the Department for Education website.

Free Teachers' Conference: The EU (29/10/2012)

Learning Plus UK, a not-for-profit education charity are currently organising a free Teachers' Conference in Cardiff on behalf of the European Parliament entitled "The European Union: What's it all about?", which will also provide associated teaching resources. The conference is geared towards PSE, Citizenship Geography, History teachers and subject leaders and will take place on Friday 16th November in Cardiff. The details can be found on the attached flyer or by clicking on the link below.


New Amnesty Teacher CPD Programme (17/09/2012)

Are you a teacher with a passion for human rights, equality and justice? Are you looking for a way to grow professionally, strengthening skills in teaching, training and project management? Join our new Amnesty TeacherCPD programme! As an Amnesty Teacher you will strengthen your own practice and become an advocate for human rights education and activism in your school and beyond (for more information visit  

European Islands: Similarities and Differences in Young People's Constructions of Identities in Iceland and Cyprus (21/11/2011)


European Islands: similarities and differences in young people's constructions of identities in Iceland and Cyprus: Lecture by Professor Alistair Ross,
Thursday 12th January 2012 at London Metropolitan University. This fourth lecture in the Jean Monnet Lecture Series: Border Crossings, Moving Borders, will look at young people in Iceland and Cyprus - one country a candidate country for membership of the European Union, the other a recent new member. The lecture will take place on Thursday 12th January 2012 from 5.30-7pm in Room T1-20, Tower Building, London Metropolitan University, London N7 8DB. The lecture is free of charge but places are limited. If you wish to attend please contact Angela Kamara on

The Role of Citizenship in Schools (16/09/2011)

A paper written by Marcus Bhargava (London Metropolitan University) entitled The Role of Citizenship Education in Schools has been published on the website today. The paper is timely, given recent debates about the place of the subject within the National Curriculum. It can be found in the Secondary strand under commissioned research.

Two New Student Teacher Essays Published Today (06/07/2011)

Two new student teacher essays, each of which investigate a core aim of citizenship education, are published today. These can be found in the student teacher section of the website.

Review of the National Curriculum (31/03/2011)

The Government has launched a review of the National Curriculum in England. An expert review panel has been established to hear evidence. Find out more.

Citizenship Education and the Voluntary Sector (03/12/2009)

A new trainee briefing paper is available exploring the links between schools and voluntary sector organisations with particular reference to Citizenship Education. It will benefit schools and teachers who are looking to draw on the resources and expertise of the voluntary sector. Click here to to view full document

Citizenship and Politicization (13/10/2009)

A new interesting student essay on Citizenship & Politization can be found at:

2nd EditionLearning to Teach Citizenship in the Secondary School' (11/06/2009)

The fully updated second edition of Learning to Teach Citizenship in the Secondary School is an essential text for students training to teach Citizenship as a first or second subject, as well as experienced teachers. This book edited by Liam Gearon contains many chapters from citizEd Steering/Standing Committee Members.  The book will be published in July.

Conference announcement: What are schools for? (28/05/2009)

WHAT ARE SCHOOLS FOR? Visions and scenarios for the future of education and schooling University of Lower Silesia, Wroclaw, Poland, 22 - 24 October 2009.  Organised by the Educ8 Group: an international research group on social and educational inequalities:  KEYNOTE SPEAKERS:
Professor David Halpin, Institute of Education, University of London Dr. Susanne von Below, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany.  For more information and to Download the call for papers click link below:

New Student Teacher Assignment (19/02/2009)

"What is the nature of citizenship education?: A critical investigation of the development of student voice as an aim of citizenship education"  See


New Schemes of Work & Lesson Plans (20/01/2009)

There are four new Schemes of Work covering 'Global Economy' 'Yr 10 Politics' 'How Citizens Change Communities' & 'Yr 10 Media Unit'  Two of these units also contain Lesson plans.  See:

EU and All That! Citizenship Conferences (18/11/2008)

Want to improve your Citizenship teaching? Need help in delivering lessons on the
European Parliament and Identityand Diversity? Then the EU and All That! Citizenship
conferences are for you.

Institute for Communitarian Policies Studies (01/09/2008)

By searching for 'citizenship' some recent articles related to citizenship education can be seen at

Raising Funds for Active Citizenship Projects (24/07/2008)

There are  a number of organisations that are offering funds to young people to carry out well thought out and well planned active citizenship projects. The tables in the link below contains a list of possible organisations that give awards and grants to young people. They all have different criteria, but the one thing they have in common is that they all require young people to be at the heart of the project planning and delivery.

civic competence (23/06/2008)

We are pleased to announce the addition of an article on civic competence for upper secondary students that has been written by Professor Olena Pometun, PhD, Head of the Social Science Education Laboratory, Institute of Pedagogy, Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine in collaboration with a Euro 2M project (funded by the EU) in association with Cambridge Education and the Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science

GSCE Citizenship Studies Draft Specifications Published (13/05/2008)

Draft specifications and specimen assessment materials for GCSE Citizenship Studies courses for teaching from September 2009 have been published by the AQA, Edexcel and OCR examining boards. These can be found by visiting the respective websites at AQA  Edexcel and OCR

Human Rights in Schools project resources (22/04/2008)

This summer will see the launch of the ‘Human Rights in Schools' project, if you would like more information on the project, including how to order free resources and book a place at a free training session, please contact Helen Trivers (BIHR) on 0207 848 1926 or or go to

Talking through global issues. (17/04/2008)

Challenging thinking:
Paul Warwick offers a useful account of how to use Open Space for Dialogue and Enquiry (OSDE) to extend students' thinking about global and community issues.


Value and contribution of citizenship education - Two new student Essays (19/02/2008)

Two assignments from students on the PGCE at Bristol University who were asked to write a persuasive article for an educational journal that would convince teachers of the value and contribution of citizenship education.   Click the following links:

New Scheme of Work (10/12/2007)

A new  scheme of work focussing on global trade, with the UK and China as examples has recently been placed on this site. It incoporates a visit to a relevant exhibition at Torquay museum but this can be substituted with a visit to a museum in your area.'

'Good Cit, Bad Cit' (13/11/2007)

A new article has been published on the primary strand which is also relevant to secondary teachers. In 'Good Cit, Bad Cit'.  Jack Dowie draws on conversations with Hilary Claire to challenge the conventional view of citizenship and introduce a new tool for analysing controversial issues.

4th International Citizenship Conference - Cambridge - July 2008 (01/11/2007)

The conference will be held in King's College, Cambridge, England between 28th July and 30th July 2008. King's College, is a historic part of the University of Cambridge and an ideal venue for our conference. We have secured six key-note speakers including Professor John Annette, Professor Carole Hahn, Professor Walter Parker, Professor Christine Roland-Levy, Professor, Professor Kerry Kennedy and Professor Sir Bernard Crick.   To reserve your place, click the following link:

Pimlico Crime8 Youth Offending Project - Reflective Commentary (15/10/2007)

The ‘Pimlico Crime8' project - more information on this to follow shortly.

2nd Intl Conf. on Engaging The Other - Oct. '07 - Michigan (17/09/2007)

An international, multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary conference examining concepts of "The OTHER" from a universal, cross-cultural perspective to promote wider public dialogue about concepts of "Us and Them"

October 25-28, 2007 Dearborn, Michigan USA


European Day of Languages (02/07/2007)

On September 26th schools across the country will be celebrating the wide range of languages and cultures we find across Europe. This includes community languages as well as the traditional European languages. There are plenty of opportunities for students to be involved in active Citizenship on the day. If you are looking for ideas, have a look at the Nuffield Foundation's Education for Citizenship. You will find a range of activities which have been used at the Cherwell School in Oxford so they have all been put into practice and the students certainly had fun!

You'll find it all, and more, on the website  Hit the link from the Noticeboard.

Keep an eye open too for Citizenship lessons for MFL. They'll be coming soon.

Identity and Diversity: Citizenship Education and looking forwards from the Ajegbo Report (05/06/2007)

Peter Brett offers reflections on ways forward for Citizenship in relation to issues of identity and diversity in the light of the Ajegbo Report

Secondary Curriculum Review (21/02/2007)

The consultation began on 5th Feb for the revised secondary curriculum. The website for the consultation is

The proposed revised programmes of study and draft 8 level scale for citizenship are on the site and there is a Mori questionnaire for people to respond to. The QCA would like to encourage as many colleagues as possible to participate in the consultation.

"Endowing participation with meaning”: Citizenship education, Paolo Freire (23/01/2007)

Peter Brett argues that Paulo Freire offers some useful signposts to help teachers of Citizenship endow participation with meaning

Interested in piloting new resources? (03/01/2007)

A range of materials has been produced by the Nuffield Curriculum Centre and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics to help young people think about the issues surrounding the use of animals in research.

The resources are bite sized activities which can be used together or individually so they can fit into your schemes of work. They would be relevant in Citizenship lessons because they are a topical social issue and explore the impact of pressure groups in this context. They also support the new GCSE science courses.

If you would like to pilot these materials, please contact Nina Hall


6 new papers from/for NQT's have been published. (11/12/2006)

Papers from and for NQT's have been published today. These cover a range of topics : the United Nations; Effective small group discussions; Links, opportunities and strategies for citizenship with RE; Difference and diversity; Conflict; Citizenship & PSHE.

Paper on school linking and teaching global citizenship (04/12/2006)

Kate Brown argues that whilst school links can provide students with some understanding of a different locality, concern for others and a desire to help, these learning outcomes often reflect only a limited interpretation of Global Citizenship. Acknowledging this problem, she goes on to suggest resources and sources of support which can be used to make school linking more effective. This paper is in the Commissioned Research section of the Secondary strand.

New Papers on the Site ! (25/11/2006)

A number of new commissioned pieces have been published on the site recently.