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ACT Quality Standard (02/11/2015)

The Association of Citizenship Teaching has developed a Quality Standard for schools. For more details visit 

Annual Erskine Childers Lecture 2014 - The Human Right to Peace: Foundation for a Just International Order (19/09/2014)

The Annual Erskine Childers Lecture 2014 will be held at the Hilton London Euston on Thursday 9th October, 2014 from 18:00-20:30. The lecture is a free public meeting, with donations welcome. To register contact The key note speaker is Alfred de Zayas, United Nations Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur. Alfred de Zayas will explore how to move forward protecting the Human Right to peace for a future without violence and wars for a path to peace, prosperity and foundation for a just and equitable order. The flyer can be downloaded here.

Final Seminar in the Where Next for Practical Political Education? Series (03/06/2014)

The final seminar in the Where next for practical political education series organised by Democracy Matters will be held at the Institute of Education, University of London. To register, please visit

Political Studies Association Report - Beyond the Youth Citizenship Commission (25/05/2014)

The Political Studies Association have published a new report Beyond the Youth Citizenship Commission: Young People and Politics edited by Andrew Mycock and Jonathan Tonge. To download a copy of the report visit:,2H1CL,16XTJO,905GH,1

International Conference, Lisbon, 8-9 September 2014 (03/02/2014)

The RN 10 Sociology of Education network is hosting an international conference at the University Institute of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal, 8-9 September 2014. The conference theme is "Education and citizenship: theoretical issues, policies and practices'. A call for papers has been announced, with a deadline for submission of abstracts to be sent to by 1st March 2014. 

Call for Paper Proposals: Centre for the Study of Islam and Democracy (15/01/2014)

The Centre for the Study of Islam and Democracy has issued a call for paper proposals for its annual international conference. The deadline for the submission is January 25 2014. The conference theme is "The Democratic Transition in Tunisia: Accomplishments and Challenges", and will be held on March 28-29 2014 in Tunis, Tunisia. For more details about the conference and the Centre click here.

Human Rights Education in Australian Schools Report (09/10/2013)

The University of Technology Sydney have published an extensive report on Human Rights Education in Australian Schools. For more details and to download the report, visit the website here.

Conference Reminder: Global Justice Through Global Citizenship (05/09/2013)

The Developing Europeans' Engagement for the Eradication of Global Poverty network is holding a conference in Brussels, November 20-21. You can access further details by clicking here.

BIHR National Curriculum Consultation Response (13/05/2013)

The British Institute of Human Rights has published its repsonse to the Government's draft National Curriculum. To read the response in full visit the BIHR's website.  

Call for Papers: IJESJ (06/11/2012)

A Call for Papers for a Special Issue of the International Journal of Education for Social Justice entitled 'Education for Citizenship: Challenges and Perspectives from a Social Justice Approach´ has been announced. The call for papers for this special issue and the manuscript submission guidelines for authors are available at and

JSSE: Call for Papers - "The Arab Spring" (29/10/2012)

The Journal of Social Science Educarion has announced a call for papers on the following theme: "Youth Civic and Political Participation and Citizenship Education in the South of the Mediterranean: Lessons from the Arab Spring". The deadline is December 10, 2012, the issue is scheduled to be published in March 2013. For more details, including submission guidance, please visit

New Book on Education for Global Citizenship Published (17/09/2012)

Education Above All (EAA), has announced the release of a new publication, Education for Global Citizenship. The book addresses the challenge of designing education programmes that can help students develop the skills, concepts, attitudes and values to become responsible global citizens. Case studies of current programmes reflect various components of global citizenship including education for local and global citizenship, responsible citizenship, peace, human rights, humanitarian norms and related themes, undertaken even in low-resource settings and in education systems affected by conflict and fragility. The book includes 16 authoritative briefs from practitioners and specialists engaged in this work. The book concludes with recommendations for education ministries and other stakeholders at national and international level.

Call for Essays: Human Rights Education Praxis (28/07/2011)

Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice is an international journal distributed in more than 50 nations. We seek essays on the above theme for a special issue. Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice (Routledge) is dedicating issue 24.1, "Human Rights Education Praxis," to exploring the role of Human Rights Education (HRE) in promoting both a more mainstream understanding of human rights as put forth by the UDHR and international instruments, and new emerging meanings of human rights specific to the unique conditions of communities around the world, in efforts towards justice and equity. Interested writers should submit essays (2,500-3,500 words) and 2-3 line bios to Peace Review no later than October 15, 2011. See Submission Guidelines at:  


Student Teacher Briefing Papers (01/04/2011)

A range of subject knowledge briefing papers are available to support the teaching of citizenship. Each is written by an expert in the area, and contains key knowledge as well as ideas for teaching. These can be found within the Teaching Resources of the Cross-curricula section.

Lifelong Learning for a Just and Sustainable World Conference (22/06/2010)

Conference to be held in Manchester on 9th September 2010, for more information see 'conferences'

Citizenship Education and Learning Outside of the Classroom Agenda (10/12/2009)

. This paper will help teachers understand the learning outside the classroom manifesto. It will also help them to develop the confidence as well as the expertise required to run citizenship projects based in the community. click here to download

The North of England Education Conference (13/10/2009)

The above conference will take place in York in January 2010. Details can be found on the Conference website -

Is it possible to globalise citizenship education and if so, what part can be played in the process by new technologies (10/08/2009)

A presentation by Professor Ian Daives, University of York was recently given at the 5th International citizED Conference in Hong Kong.  To see full presentation click here

Presentations made at National Conference (11/06/2009)

A number of presentation made at this year's National Conference held in London can be found in our Cross Curricula Strand under external resources.

Chance to be Chancellor' (24/02/2009)

The competition seeks to engage 14 to 18 year olds nationwide on issues regarding the economy and public spending by challenging entrants to draft their own mock Budgets, and gain a unique insight into how the Chancellor will go about tackling the current economic obstacles in the lead up to this spring's Budget.

Entrants will prepare their mock speeches using specially tailored material, based on policies set out in last year's pre-Budget report, which can be found on Short-listed entries will face scrutiny from the Times' Economic Editor, Gary Duncan, and the winning entry will be published in the newspaper around Budget Day 2009. The winner will also receive a Nintendo Wii and a £250 charity voucher, while nine runners-up will be awarded an iPod Shuffle and a £100 charity voucher.


New Activity Pack Available - Citizenship - Learning for Life (20/01/2009)

This pack is to introduce to young people the concepts of citizenship and having good characters. All the activities in the toolkit are aimed at Key Stage 3 and 4 students, although some maybe suitable for KS2 students.  See

Character Building (18/11/2008)

Character Building
Who are you? Who do you want to be? A teaching resource developed by Learning for Life that will enable young people to discover what character is needed to be successful in life as well as a successful citizen. The pack can be used to introduce students to the concept of character and citizenship.

The UKs Role in the World (23/10/2008)

A new briefing paper providing background information and activities that promote critical debate and reflection, and the possibility of informed action, around the topic of the UK's role in the world.  To download a copy click this link:


New Briefing Paper (22/07/2008)

A Briefing Paper dealing with issues of Multicultural Education and Citizenship including race, ethnicity, social class, religion, gender, culture, democracy, cultural pluralism, assimilation, equality, respect, diversity, equal educational opportunities, social justice and multicultural citizenship. Activities included for Key Stages 3

New Cross Curricula project including notes for teachers (24/06/2008)

The MACI project is an example of a cross curricula citizenship project. It challenges students to work in groups and over 13 weeks to use citizenship, music, art and ICT to produce a video about  ‘A problem in the school or community that concerns them most'   This paper includes the students work book as well as briefing notes for teachers.

Two New Briefing Papers Now Available (22/04/2008)

Identities and Diversity - Assessment Task for Year 11 by  Lee Jerome and
Global Community, Global Citizenship by Margot Brown are now available. See:


3 New Briefing Paper now available (19/02/2008)

Assessment: Rights and Responsibilities; Professional Attributes and Developing a citizenship subject community through initial teacher education - some issues prompted by considering ‘Professional skills'  see:

New Briefing Paper - Migration (14/01/2008)

Migration to and From the UK 

A new Briefing Paper for Trainee Teachers has been written by Cathie Holden from Exeter University which highlights the issues of migration and give examples for activities and suggested reading material.

‘Revolution, What Revolution? Contextual Issues in Citizenship Education in England’ (01/11/2007)

Wednesday 7 November 2007, Room: G18 Hillary Place, Time: 13.00-4.30

Revolution, What Revolution? Contextual Issues in Citizenship Education in England' examines some of the key issues and problems facing education for democratic citizenship as a curriculum innovation in England - teacher supply, the nature of teacher education, the national curriculum, teaching methods, where it fits in as a subject, school councils and racism. It concludes by asking whether it will be a durable or short-lived innovation. To reserve a place on this seminar, please contact Michalis Kakos at or on 0113 343 4555



The use of animals in research: resources for schools (22/10/2007)

A range of resources have just been published by the Nuffield Foundation to help young people develop their understanding of the issues and justify their opinions on the use of animals in research. There is guidance on their use and suggested routes for Citizenship and Science lessons. The resources can be used to support the development of skills in dealing with controversial issues, the ethical dimension in science, and embedding Citizenship in Science.,1296,NA.html

Free Resources (12/07/2007)

Plan UK is launching a new school linking project and can also support citizenship education through its website which contains a range of free to download lesson plans, photos, videos, country and issue files. All lesson plans have a citizenship curriculum links. For further information click this link

Citizenship in English (07/06/2007)

Looking for English lessons with embedded Citizenship? Have a look at the Nuffield Citizenship website, where you will find groups of lessons which incorporate Citizenship into the English curriculum. The lessons have been developed by English teachers so they will fit very comfortably into schemes of work. If you would like to give us feedback on the lessons, please do so. You will find the email address on the website.

Legacies of the Transatlantic Slave Trade : 'The Big Conversation 2007' (30/04/2007)

An education project has been launched by Understanding Slavery and the Department of Education and Skills to encourage schools to participate in the study of the legacies of the transatlantic slave trade.‘The Big Conversation 2007’ is a UK-based national competition, debate and showcase to encourage Key Stage 3 (KS3) students to explore the legacies of the transatlantic slave trade. The project seeks to encourage teachers, educators and students to examine the transatlantic slave trade and its legacies. Schools are encouraged to enter their resulting research into a national competition – ‘The Big Conversation 2007’.   Click here to open details of 'The Big Conversation 2007'  as a pdf and secondary schools across England can register their interest by emailing:

The project will b…

Nuffield Pilot (27/02/2007)

Interested in piloting new resources?

A range of materials has been produced by the Nuffield Curriculum Centre and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics to help young people think about the issues surrounding the use of animals in research.

The resources are bite sized activities which can be used together or individually so they can fit into your schemes of work. They would be relevant in Citizenship lessons because they are a topical social issue and explore the impact of pressure groups in this context. They also support the new GCSE science courses.

If you would like to pilot these materials, please contact Nina Hall

200th Anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade (23/01/2007)

Peter Brett reviews two new resources created in response to the Bi-Centenary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade 1807.

Conference - English and citizenship (14/09/2006)

This conference from the cross-curricular strand of citizED will include a workshop on Drama and citizenship; Key note address on English and citizenship: challenges and possibilities by Dr. Bethan Marshall, Senior Lecturer, King’s College; and further workshop on Exploring Diverse Literature with Young People with Dr. Nick McGuinn, Senior Lecturer, University of York. Full details together with a booking form can be found on our Conferences page.

New Teaching Resource for Trainees (29/06/2006)

A new teaching resource - 'Local Government' written by Duncan Watts of the Politics Association has been added to the Teaching Resources section of the Cross Curricular strand.

Who is teaching Citizenship, and who could teach it ? (19/06/2006)

‘Coordinating Citizenship across the subjects’ is a new paper that looks at various ways that Citizenship Education can be taught through and within other curriculum subjects. Specifically the paper looks at integrating Citizenship themes into Drama, Geography, English and RE lessons. The paper can be found in the Teaching Resources > Pedagogical Briefing Papers section of the Cross Curricular strand.

Recommended Nuffield Curriculum Centre resources (14/06/2006)

A number of Nuffield units of work have been identified as useful for Citizenship Education in curriculum areas such as Mathematics, Business Studies and Geography. A brief description and link to the resources has been provided in each case. These materials may be found in the Selected External Resources section of the Cross Curricular strand pages.

New resources from NCB (05/04/2006)

We are pleased to announce a range of material produced by the National Children's Bureau. The NCB has produced extremely useful resources for Personal Social and Health education (PSHE) and citizenship education. We hope by including some of the NCB resources on the citizED site that teachers and others will be helped to continue and further develop their good work. It is vitally important that the distinction is made between PSHE and citizenship and we hope that these differences (as well as useful overlaps and similarities) will be highlighted through this material. The materials can be found in the Selected External Resources section of the Cross Curricular strand.

Student Briefing - Citizenship & New Technology (22/03/2006)

The cross curricular strand has today published a challenging and stimulating paper by Ben Williamson of Futurelab on Citizenship and New Technology. The paper can be found in the Teaching Resources section of the citizED website.

New student briefing paper published (08/03/2006)

A new Briefing Paper for students titled 'The European Government’ by Duncan Watts has been published today. The paper can be found in the Cross Curricular strand in Teaching resources.

New student briefing paper (20/02/2006)

A new Briefing Paper for students titled 'Citizenship and Chemistry' has been published today. The paper can be found in the Cross Curricular strand in Lesson Plans and Subject Briefings

Cross curricular strand Links update (12/01/2006)

The Cross Curricular strand has recently updated its Links section with details of resources especially relevant to those looking to teach Citizenship across the curriculum.

Briefing Paper for Trainees published today (14/11/2005)

A new paper in the series of Briefings for student teachers has been published. This paper deals with National Goverment and has been written for citizED by Duncan Watts of the Politics Association. This paper, and the whole series, can be found in the Cross Curricular strand of the citizED website.

Hansard Society HeadsUp Forum debate smoking ban (27/10/2005)

Results from the Hansard Society's HeadsUp online forum ( Should smoking in public places be banned? Show that under-18s are split three ways - those in favour of a partial ban, those against and those who are 'undecided'. HeadsUp is a website where under-18s debate political issues and processes. The project is jointly funded by the DfES (Department for Education and Skills) and the House of Commons.

Student Briefing Paper on Gender published (27/10/2005)

A new paper in the series of Briefings for student teachers has been published. This paper deals with Gender and Citizenship and has been written for citizED by Harriet Marshall. This paper, and the whole series, can be found in the Cross Curricular strand of the citizED website.

CAST Project Report published (14/09/2005)

CitizED has undertaken a collaborative exploration of assessment in teacher education programmes for citizenship education - the CAST project. Some of the initial findings are reported in a new article published today. We endorse ofsted's findings that citizenship teacher education programmes provide examples of very good practice. We refer to some challenges and suggest the need for further exploration and development.

22 briefing papers available for students (13/09/2005)

22 briefing papers have been produced and are available for students to download today. These papers are designed to help student teachers develop exciting citizenship education programmes. The activities given in the briefing papers have been designed for a range of ages and abilities of students across the 11-16 sectors. The papers cover issues such as Human Rights, The Media and Working with the Voluntary Sector. Find out more from the Trainee Briefing Papers link within the Cross Curricular strand of the citizED website.

Briefing Paper for Trainees - International NGOs (23/05/2005)

Don Harrison of Save the Children has written a Briefing Paper for student teachers on 'International NGO's'. The paper offers student teachers of citizenship three model lesson plans for bringing understanding of the role and work of the UK’s major INGOs into their teaching practice. The author hopes that they will seek to develop these ideas, find out more for themselves about INGOs and get involved in helping to expand young people’s frontiers of understanding as citizens of today’s fast-changing world. This new paper and the whole series of Briefing Papers can be found in the Trainee Briefing Papers page of the citizED website.

New Trainee Briefing Paper - History of Conflict (13/05/2005)

A new Briefing Paper for trainee teachers has been published. The title of the paper is 'History of Conflict' and has been written by Daniell Phillips of the Imperial War Museum. The paper can be found at this link. The full list of papers can be found in the Trainee Briefing Papers section of the Cross Curricular strand in the citizED website.

New Trainee Briefing Paper - The Voluntary Sector (04/05/2005)

A new Briefing Paper for trainee teachers has been published. The title of the paper is 'Working with the Voluntary Sector' and has been written by Peter Hayes of the Community Service Volunteers. The paper can be found at this link. The full list of papers can be found in the Trainee Briefing Papers section of the Cross Curricular strand in the citizED website.

New Trainee Briefing Paper - Criminal Justice System (14/04/2005)

A new Briefing Paper for trainee teachers has been published. The title of the paper is 'The Criminal Justice System' and has been written by Tony Thorpe of the Citizenship Foundation. The paper can be found at this link. The full list of papers can be found in the Trainee Briefing Papers section of the Cross Curricular strand in the citizED website.

New Trainee Briefing Paper - Social Class (06/03/2005)

A new Briefing Paper for trainee teachers has been published. The title of the paper is 'Understanding Social Class' and has been written by Janis Griffiths of the Association for the Teaching of Social Sciences. The paper can be found in the Trainee Briefing Papers section of the Cross Curricular strand in the citizED website.

'Assessing Citizenship Trainees' - only few places left (07/02/2005)

There are only a few places available at this seminar. The seminar is aimed at HEI tutors and mentors involved in the training and assessment of student teachers on ITE Citizenship courses. Participants will be presented with tutor led case studies as well as presentations on the Ofsted Framework for Inspections and alternative views of what the assessment of Citizenship student teachers might look like and could achieve. Date is 24th Feb, Venue York, no charge to attend, lunch provided. Click here for further details.

Trainee Briefing Papers - NC Matrix (07/01/2005)

The Cross Curricula strand team have produced a matrix to use alongside the Trainee Briefing papers. This matrix shows the NC Programme of Study unit codes addressed by each paper in the series.

Tutor Induction Pack - Community & Diverse Communities (15/12/2004)

A new Induction Pack for Tutors has been published. The pack, written by Andrew Peterson (Canterbury Christchurch) is titled Community & Diverse Communities. The pack is intended to: begin a discussion regarding the place of “community” within modern Britain; Provide discussions and key questions which can be used to encourage student teachers to consider issues relating to “community”, “diversity within communities”, and their relationship to citizenship education; activities through which student teachers can be encouraged to consider and discuss teaching and learning about “diversity within the community” through classroom-based citizenship lessons using ICT.

Booking details for CAST Seminar (06/12/2004)

Booking details for seminar for 'Citizenship and Assessment of Student Teachers' due 24th Feb 2005 have been announced and are available from the 'Conferences' link on this website. This seminar is aimed at HEI tutors and mentors involved in the training and assessment of student teachers on ITE Citizenship courses. The seminar is part of an on-going research project (CAST). Further information in the Cross-Curricular strand pages.

Citizenship/History Conference Report (22/11/2004)

A report on the recent Citizenship with History conference has now been published. The report contains links to the slides used by the two presenters (Peter Brett and Lee Jerome). See the Conferences link for more information.

12 more Trainee Briefing Papers (22/09/2004)

Briefing Papers for trainee teachers are being added to the citized website. 12 new papers have been published in the last few days bringing the total so far to 14. These papers can be found from the 'Trainee Briefing Papers' link within the Cross Curricular strand.

New Trainee Briefing Paper (06/09/2004)

The second briefing paper for trainees, 'Citizenship Education and Pupils with Learning Difficulties' written by Lee Jerome, has been published. The paper discusses how citizenship teachers share the general responsibility of all teachers to understand and implement the principles of inclusive practice. The paper makes some general observations about this area and then looks at specific strategies for classroom and community activities.

First Trainee Briefing Paper published (20/07/2004)

The first of the series of Briefing Papers for trainee teachers has been published today. This Paper is on the issue of 'Assessing Citizenship Education'. Its been written by Lee Jerome, who writes... Assessment is controversial in many subjects and debates rage about the suitable balance between content and process and between continuous assessment and terminal exam. Citizenship teachers share these debates, and have additional issues to resolve, concerning the place of assessment in our unique subject.

New series of student teachers' briefing papers (08/07/2004)

An exciting new series of briefing papers designed for use by student teachers working with young people is being produced by a talented team of authors. The authors are all very experienced in the field of citizenship education as freelance curriculum development experts and writiers, leaders of citizenship initial teacher education programmes and/or have extensive experience in key organisations such as the United Nations Association, Oxfam, British Empire and Commonwealth Museum etc. The first of the briefing papers will be available in October 2004.

Citizenship through Science (28/06/2004)

A new research article by Gill Nicholls of King's College, London addresses the question of the role of citizenship within the science curriculum. Gill writes 'This is no easy task as the science curriculum itself has been, and still is in a constant state of flux. We only have to look at the numerous changes the science curriculum has gone through in the last decade to appreciate that science educators and policy makers themselves do not have a cohesive approach to the constitution of a science curriculum. Yet despite this, new and increased demands are made of the science curriculum, citizenship and values being just one of the components'.

ACT/citizED Partnership (07/06/2004)

David Barrs, chair of the Association for Citizenship Teaching, has recently issued a press release in which he celebrates the new partnership between ACT and the citized project. Read the press release at

Briefing Papers for trainees (04/06/2004)

ACT is developing a series of briefing papers for trainee teachers. The first group of papers will be available from September 2004. Trainees will receive guidance on the key issues associated wuth a range of citizenship issues and be presented with exemplar material that will help them to plan and teach citizenship sessions in subject lessons, in the school community and in the communities beyond school. More details can be seen at the 'Briefing Papers' link.

Conference on 9 Nov 2004 (01/06/2004)

A joint conference History/Citizenship conference organized by the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) for the CitizED project will be held in London on Wednesday 10 November. The conference is open to all History and Citizenship PGCE students, teachers and mentors in England. The conference title is "Citizenship through History - What is good practice ?". Attendance is free and a light buffet lunch will also be provided.

ACT HE committee (27/05/2004)

The ACT HE committee will seek permanent status on Wednesday 23 June 2004 at the ACT annual general meeting.