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Wing On Lee

W.O. Lee is Professor of Education at the University of Sydney. Prior to his appointment in Sydney, he was Professor at the Hong Kong Insitutute of Education, having served as Dean of Foundations in Education, and Head of the Department of Educational Policy and Administration, Department of Social Sciences and Head of Centre of Citizenship Education. He was also previously Associate Dean of Education and Director of Comparative Education Research Centre at the University of Hong Kong. He is widely published in the areas of comparative education and civic and moral education. In 2003, he received Medal of Honour from the Hong Kong government in Hong Kong, and Bronze Educator Award from the Association of Educational Art in Mainland China.

Recent Publications

Chapter in the World Yearbook of Education 2001, a cross-cutting analysis of civic education across 24 countries involved in the IEA Civic Education Study.

Co-editor: Education and Political Transitions: Themes and Experiences in East Asia, Liberal Education in China (in Chinese), Citizenship in Asia and the Pacific, Education for Social Citizenship: Perceptions of Teachers in USA, Australia, England, Russia and China

Author: Equity and Access to Education in Asia