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Welcome to the new international journal - Citizenship Teaching and Learning (CTL) - a journal of citizED ISSN 1751-1925

Citizenship Teaching and Learning aims to advance the understanding of academic and professional issues within education that relate to social, moral, political, cultural and economic considerations.

Citizenship education is a diverse and contested field encompassing, amongst other matters, social and moral considerations, community involvement and political literacy.

The intended readership and subject matter of the journal emerges from those who are involved in the preparation of a diverse range of professionals (internationally, across age phases, in relation to beginning and experienced educators within schools and elsewhere).

The journal exists as an international forum in which researchers, policy makers and practising professionals can report on their on- going or completed work in relation to the broad areas of citizenship education and teacher education.

Call for Papers - The editorial committee of the journal is interested to consider articles in which conceptual issues are explored, experiments, surveys or evaluations are reported and examples of practice are described and analysed. See Information, Submissions in the menu for details.

Call for Feedback - The editorial committee welcomes feedback. In particular, if you have found the journal useful please use our feedback facility to tell us. The editorial committee is seeking to gather data on the number, institutions and locations of the journal's readers to better inform its ongoing development.